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Office Hours:  Mon.-Fri.   9:00 am - 5:00 pm

24 hour Emergency Service

Delivery Options


• Designed for customer's convenience

• Uninterrupted gas service 

• We will monitor your consumption of LP gas and deliver without notification

   - adding additional propane appliance(s), damage or neglecting a building, appliance malifuntion, interruption of power, additional occupants or other factors that may cause extra gas consumption will need to be communicated to Wolf Propane

• Obstructed or severly restricted access to the delivery site will result in non-deliverable propane 

   - after initial attmept, the customer will need to notify Wolf Propane when the delivery site can be accessed

• Automatic Delivery in not an option for customers using an alternate heat source, heating seasonal homes or heating structures such as garages/shops on an intermittent basis.

WILL CALL del option2

• Customer is responsible for monitoring fuel levels and contacting our office for delivery

• Office will need to be contacted when your tank reads 25% and we will deliver gas to your tank within 5 business days

• If you delay in contacting us there may be additional charges:

     - Delivery After Normal Routing - $75.00
     - Delivery After Normal Business Hours - $150.00
     - Delivery on Holidays - $200.00

• If your tank is out of propane when we arrive (within the 5 business days), a system leak check must be performed before placing it back into service.

     - There will be an additional fee of $50.00 for this system leak check

• A minimum order of propane is 200 gallons or a fill for smaller tanks is required for delivery